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For the next few weeks, C4SS will be publishing and hosting copies of Volume 20, Number 1, of the Journal of Libertarian Studies. This particular volume contains the Symposium on Kevin Carson’s Studies in Mutualist Political Economy. The articles on and selections from Carson’s book you can look forward to: “Editorial to Symposium on Mutualist…
Australia, Let Tyler the Creator Play
Rapper Tyler Okonma, better known as “Tyler the Creator,” made headlines July 27, when he announced via Twitter that he had been banned from playing shows in Australia. The Australian Department of Immigration has denied this, and states that Tyler’s visa is still under consideration. The alleged ban was blamed on the anti-sexism organization Collective Shout,…
From One Extreme to the Other
How Not to Promote Economic Equality
Have Republicans Learned to Love the Berlin Wall?
The Marshallian Synthesis
Alfred Marshall, the founder of the so-called neoclassical school, was also the first prominent economist to attempt a reconciliation of Ricardo with the marginalists. Following the Senior-Longfield school, as interpreted by Mill, Marshall treated the “abstinence” of capital (or “waiting”) as another form of disutility alongside labor. He thus fused them into a unified subjective…
Symposium on Mutualist Political Economy
Stop Being Idiots? Only When IP is a Historical Novelty
Greece: If You’re Taking Out the Trash, Don’t Forget the Garbage
Queer Ultraviolence
Queer Ultraviolence: Abridged Bash Back! Anthology by Fray Baroque and Tegan Eanelli (Ardent Press) Little Black Cart. I didn’t know how I was going to begin my review of Fray Baroque’s and Tegan Eanelli’s anthology, Queer Ultraviolence. I’ve read dozens of books on anarchism, but I admit my understanding of insurrection is limited to a few…
Interacting in a Common World: A Reply to Wolfi Landstreicher
A Paradise Built in Hell
Free Market Fairness or Freed Market Anti-Capitalism?
Gender Identity and Libertarianism
Download a PDF copy of Mikayla Novak’s full C4SS Study: Gender Identity and Libertarianism Abstract People who do not identify with a gender status consistent with conventional fixed, binary gender stereotypes remain the target of a complex array of typically intertwining state policies and civil societal norms which greatly inhibit their liberties. Transgender and other gender-diverse…
The Fulcrum of the Present Crisis
The Anarchist Thought of Colin Ward
Power and Property: A Corollary