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Mr. President, Chelsea Manning Would Like a Word
As usual, the State of the Union address was a top to bottom massacre of verbiage. Every year the English language struggles to survive an onslaught of what can only be described as total verbal hangover from a year of rhetorical binge drinking. Somehow, some way, one man manages to stand on a platform (while two other…
The FBI is Great at Disrupting (Its Own) “Terror Plots”
“Terror” as Victim Rhetoric
The Queering of America
V isn’t Just for Vagina: The Vagina Monologues and Femini...
Recently, the all-woman’s college Mount Holyoke in South Hadley Massachusetts decided to cancel the play production The Vagina Monologues. This, in turn stopped a tradition of having the play performed on Valentine’s day to raise awareness of violence against women. They cited the play as, among other things, transphobic and having an overly narrow and reductionist view…
Violence and Euphemism
The Right Didn’t Steal Our Future — We Gave It Away
Missing Comma: The Pen and the Sword
A Country Called “Favela”
Rocinha Hill in Rio de Janeiro (source: sean fitz @ Flickr) “Um país chamado favela” (literally, “A Country Called Favela”) is a surprisingly excellent book about the Brazilian favelas [1], written by Renato Meirelles and Celso Athayde. Without any recommendation, I spotted it on a local library and read it in one sitting. The approach…
Individual Autonomy and Self-Determination
Venture Communism
The Coming Swarm
The Anarchist Thought of Colin Ward
Center for a Stateless Society Paper No. 18 (Summer-Fall 2014) PDF Particularity and the Anarchism of Everyday Life Colin Ward was a libertarian communist. He named Pyotr Kropotkin as his primary economic influence, and described himself as “an anarchist-communist, in the Kropotkin tradition.” This was not empty praise. He produced an abridged edition of Kropotkin’s…
Power and Property: A Corollary
Classical Liberalism and Conservatism
Fields, Factories and Workshops Tomorrow