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Durante los meses de abril y mayo traduje al español “El alma del hombre bajo el capitalismo según Sowell” y “Si el mercado es libre, no hay que temer por las nuevas tecnologías”, ambos de Kevin Carson, “Rothbard pervierte las ideas de Marx” de Erick Vasconcelos, y “Baltimore al límite” de David S. D’Amato. Escribir…
John Stossel: A Parody of Self-Parody
Every time I read a column by John Stossel, I think my estimation of him has fallen to its theoretical limit. And then I read the next one. For years, Stossel has tipped his hat to the idea that “pro-market” and “pro-business” are not the same thing. He occasionally gives an example of welfare for…
GM Deeres To be Stupid
End Government Spying Now!
“Redistribute Wealth By Heavy Taxes”? It’s Already Been Done
Policy Research and the Limits of Statistical Utilitarianism
I should begin by affirming that I have no objection, in principle, to the use of or the appeal to statistical information, to assessing the empirical impacts of a given policy choice. [1] Such appeals are an important aspect of public policy research and of the advocacy of libertarian principles. Statistics, in and of themselves, are…
Individualism, Anti-Essentialism and Intersectionality
Beware of Wonkish Libertarianism
Liberty or Authority? A Useful Political Spectrum
Five Faces of State Oppression
Young, I. M. (1990). Five Faces of Oppression. (E. Hackett, & S. Haslanger, Eds.) Theorizing Feminisms, 3-16. “Five Faces of Oppression” by Iris M. Young (1990) attempts to create an objective criteria by which we can judge the existence and levels of oppression of different groups. Young argues that oppression is a structural concept, preserved…
There is No “Do” Either
Acid Dreams: Where Government and The Drug Culture Collide
Sunflowers in the Concrete
The Fulcrum of the Present Crisis
The Fulcrum of the Present Crisis: Some Thoughts on Revolutionary Strategy Center for a Stateless Society Paper No. 19 (Winter 2015) [PDF] The Cult of Mass, Lionization of Protest Culture & Other Industrial Age Holdovers Protest Culture. The so-called “cargo cults” of New Guinea, Micronesia and Melanesia evolved in response to the influx of American manufactured…
The Anarchist Thought of Colin Ward
Power and Property: A Corollary
Classical Liberalism and Conservatism